Thursday, September 27, 2012

Back in Black!

After a long hiatus with no interwebs, I am back! I hope to be finding new stuff to show off and hope to see you all!

I'm glad to be back, you just can't imagine!!


Friday, June 1, 2012

Halter Tops, Skulls and Cardigans...Oh My!!

I'm not a big fan of polka dots but for some reason, I love this one. They come with jeans so it's a complete ensemble...and I'm a fan of THAT! :) These are MESH tops and come in Orange, Blue, Green, Purple and Pink All the items shown here are by Ducknipple/20.FIVE (Marketplace) or can be found In-World (link). It comes in 5 sizes with an Alpha Layer.

Mesh HalterTop & Jeans (Link in Marketplace)

See the other colors in a slideshow HERE! All colors for $95L!!


Another halter top with jeans outfit I happen to love is the Bucked Tank and Legging in Pink I bought from the store in-world for $25L. There is a fat pack on the Marketplace that contains all 5 colors for $95L. I love the buckle top and the leggings are cute! They look great with a pair of ballet flats or sneakers.

I bought Skully Outfit just after joining SL. I love skulls and I loved the color combinations you could have. The straps on this top (jacket layer) come 5 different colors and well as the bow attachments. I love purple and so I've shown this one with just that color! The leggings are partial lace and they rock this outfit! It even comes with black flared heels and jewlery. Awesomesauce!

I bought these two Striped Cardigan & Jeans in-world and they were only $25L each! I love affordable outfits. They have cuff attachments on the jeans so you can wear them with heels or without the cuffs to wear boots. I love that option!! They are also available on the Marketplace in a fat pack with 5 colors. Just click on the link in the name above to see them!

Be sure to check back often! I just might show something that you'll love as well!

Wednesday, May 30, 2012


I recently found this awesome blog that has tons of links to righteous clothes!!

They have blogs by Bitch Tail, Earth & Sky Designs, and * GorgeouZ *

Check out their STORE GUIDE on the top of the page!! It's a MUST!!!

Fashioncentric.....Fashion. Your Way. (link)

Might As Well Get This Party Started...

I would like to start off by showing some newer outfits that I love! (In no particular order btw!)

First we have 2 new outfits available at .::Bitch Tail::. (blog link) Marketplace (store link)

I love comfy and cozy outfits. They just scream RELAX WILL YA!!! LOL!! I especially LOVE the saying on IDGAF, "This is my pretend to give a fuck sweatshirt." That rocks!!

Next we have 2 outfits released a week or two ago. These are MESH outfits and since I just got to be able to see mesh, I went "mesh happy"!!

I love dresses that can be worn with pants. It gives options and I LOVE options! Priceless* comes in other colors but I'm a purple kinda girl! In any color, it looks great! Tutti Frutti is a fun combination of color...two colors I also love. Both of these outfits also come with panties so if you don't want to wear pants, at least you're covered! :)  And all .::Bitch Tail::. outfits are only $98L!! WOW!! They do sell them in Fat Packs if you want all colors as well!! If you are a group member (and wear your group tag), you can get a 25% discount on them and 15% if not and it adds up into store credit so you can get more awesome outfits!

*20.Five Jeans by 20.Five/Ducknipple  
*Karried Away Ballet Flats by Karried Away.

All items listed above are linked to their respective stores on SL Marketplace.

My Style:
Skin: eStyles (Rome) Makeup Skin 24 Fair Cleavage
Hair: Magika (Nayla) (Brown Pack/Top #5_Bottom #3)

My Introduction

Hello blog readers! I'm Piper Callisto Sixx. I have been wanting to create a blog showing off some of my favorite outfits and others stuff from Second Life for some time now, just hadn't had the time. I would like to use this space as a way for others in Second Life to see and find good clothes and items. There are so many good stores out there that have stuff for very affordable prices. So if you can't spend your hard earned dollars to buy Lindens or you can, just not many, this is the place to go to find outfits and objects that you can afford!

Also, please check out Fashioncentric's Blog and my post about it for more fabulous fashions at all sorts of prices!!

So I hope you enjoy my show. I created this blog for you!